Leather Seat Repair

Everyone loves the look of brand new leather seats, but over time your leather can lose that "like new" appearance. The color can fade, lose its luster, and dry out. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to handle leather car seat repair. No matter which product you choose, there are 3 simple steps for leather car seat repair: match your color, clean your leather, and apply your product. To match the color of your auto interior, you can contact the distributor of your leather car seat repair product. They can help you match your color exactly, which is essential if you intend to touch up a few spots but not dye the entire seat. If you are going to dye all of your seats, then a perfect match isn't as important.


        1 can:  8oz color for up to 2 office chairs.

      3 cans: 8oz color for a small arm chair. 

  3 cans: 8oz color for a recliner chair.

               6 cans: 8oz color for a normal sized recliner.

              12 cans: 8oz color for a normal sized couch.

          6-12 cans: 8oz color for most car interior.


NOTE:   1 can 8 ounce primer needed for every 2 to 3  cans of color cote.  Primer assures adhesion to even the most worn surface.  Color coat can then be applied in several coats depending on desired finish without need for any more primer. 

Due to the fact that the dyes act like paint for your leather, you can actually change the color of your seats.You can choose to dye your seats a rich brown or deep black and give your vehicle a more modern look. Once the dye has dried (100% permanent after 72 hours), you can apply a leather conditioner to protect your seats and keep them looking as good tomorrow as they do today.