Carpet Dye Kit

Old worn-out carpets in an office or workplace don’t have to look old and worn-out. Steam cleaners will remove most ground-in dirt and unsightly stains, but they do nothing to restore the original color of the carpet, and make well-worn carpet look new again. Now, instead of replacing old worn-out carpet, which can cost thousands of dollars, using carpet dye is an attractive, economical, environmentally-safe, and convenient alternative.



Carpet dye is a fantastic way to restore a like-new appearance to old, worn, stained, or unappealing carpet in an office or workplace. It is safe for children and pets, economical, and easy to use. Carpet dye can quickly hide stains from spilled beverages, leaks from printer ink cartridges, and high traffic areas. Carpet dyes can also reduce the appearance of wear. If an office has carpet in a color more suited for a previous decade, carpet dyes can quickly and easily renew it to a more modern and fashionable design. Carpet dyes allow for complete or minimal transformations of office decor, with minimal impact on a business’ budget.