Auto Interior Paint

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Auto Interior Dye is easy and fast to use -- and it will fully revitalize the appearance of your ride! Do your car seats have stains? Maybe they are just starting to show their age? Does the leather look like it is less than top quality at this point, but you just cannot put a ton of money into buying brand new car seats? You don't have to put hundreds or a thousand dollars into your car seats because you can use our auto interior dye to make them appear just as nice as they did when you first got the vehicle.



Our auto interior dye is very easy to apply, and you can get a special upholstery dye for leather or a special spray dye for the fabric seats. If you want to make a complete color change, which is one of the big advantages of these products: You can make the interior something radically new and different if you like! If you are looking to preserve to same color, but to make it nicer and newer, the Auto Interior Dye is the perfect product to choose. Application via the easy to use spray can takes just moments, and the product starts working right away. Just allow for a short drying period and you'll be riding around in your fantastic looking new car!