Why Simply Spray?

We offer a variety of professional dye products. Click on each on of the categories below to see what additional color offerings we have which may fit your needs.

Upholstery Fabric Paint:                       Leather Cote:                            Vinyl Cote:                       Tire Black:                    


Marine Upholstery Fabric Paint:                    Marine Vinyl Cote:    


Simply Spray is changing the way we refurbish and revitalize old, faded items by transforming them into something that looks brand new. You can use Simply Spray's Spray Paint to revitalize anything from faded car interiors to making old tires look black and brand new. Not only does it work great on indoor or outdoor pieces, it is easy to use, fast drying, is safe for kids (as well as pets) since it is non-toxic, non-flammable and fume free!

Simply Spray has been featured on shows like The Today Show and many local news station. Check out the Youtube videos showcasing our most recent project, spraying an entire car interior and painting a faded tire black!